Irish Heritage

Welcome to the Las Vegas Chapter of the Gangad Irish Heritage Group

GIHG was established as a voluntary organization under the terms and conditions of a Constitution on Saint Patrick’s Day, 17th March 2005, and works with local and national groups to fulfil its ‘Mission Statement’.

GIHG supports the cause of the Irish Diaspora Association of Scotland and indorses An Sceal, the monthly Magazine of the Irish Community in Scotland.

GIHG is a not-for-profit organization and is funded by its members, local Las Vegas and Henderson fundraisers, and operating Irish American owned business of Southern Nevada.
Our mission is to serve the community of Irish living in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. We spotlight business and business owner that help to serve our cause.

We welcome your input and encourage your patronage to those that help and support GIHG with their donations and support.

Best Las Vegas Saloons

Las Vegas left its Deadwood days in the dust long ago. But the big-hatted bull riders of Western lore still come to town, mostly for the rodeos held in fancy, indoor corrals and equestrian centers. And when the steeds are watered and the bulls bedded for the night, even a high-riding rodeo guy and gal need their beer and boogie fix.

These days, Las Vegas is known as much for Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney as it is for Celine and Cirque. The real cowboys, however, head to the Strip’s best saloons — the ones with endless shots of Jack Daniels and line dances that keep you in motion ‘till the cows come home. But don’t call these saloons quaint. Notorious is more like it — with famous names, sexy bartenders and plenty of VIP perks added to the mix. Here are our top picks.

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar

This all-American country saloon, located mid-Strip, at the Mardi Gras-themed Harrah’s, serves Southern comfort food and libations such as “Who’s Your Daddy” margaritas. Additional cocktail options are pricey but definitely imaginative. Try “Whiskey Girl,” a tall glass of Jack Daniels, amaretto, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine. It’s a great way to wash down the menu’s fried bologna sandwich — a Keith fave. Keith himself is known to drop by when he’s in town and give a spontaneous little late-night concert.


At first glance, this bucking bronco and brawling bar draws a crowd that includes bachelorettes on the loose or company boys out bonding with the boss. Still, cowboy wannabes and real cowboys alike find Gilley’s a convenient gathering spot when the rodeo is in town. And there’s nothing tame about this place. Only the toughest (or most inebriated) of Stetson-wearing talent dares to take on the mechanical bull at Gilley’s. If you can last 8 seconds you’ve already beat the odds. Once a week, the dudes line up for the “Toughest Cowboy” competition and try to stay saddled long enough to win the $200 purse. Ladies also get their turn, during the “Bikini Bull Riding” competition.

Stoney’s Rockin’ Country

This popular country nightclub puts cool into the saloon experience. The colossal 20,000-square-foot nightclub includes 2 bars, a 3-lane bowling alley, a $250,000 sound system and a “cowboy ultra-lounge,” with perks such as a personal cocktail waitress and bouncer-protected entrance just steps away from the dance floor that’s the size of a barn. Free dance lessons allow the shyest cowboy or cowgirl to join the action on the dance floor with energetic, syncopated dance numbers. Live bands take the stage most nights, with top name acts such as Michael Austin and the Thunder Road Band. Toby Keith’s opening act, Flynville Train, has also popped in.

Bonnie Springs Restaurant

For a saloon sans bull riding and two-stepping, head out of town to a mountain spot between Red Rock Canyon and the hamlet of Blue Diamond, about 25 miles west of the Strip. Bonnie Springs Restaurant, a vittles (aka food) venue with a no-ties-allowed saloon has been a working ranch for more than 150 years. More recently, the ground’s have also become a high desert traveler’s attraction with a mini zoo, horseback riding and Old West town recreations. The saloon itself keeps a cozy feel going with a stone fire pit in the bar, while local cowboys, who work on this ranch and others nearby, keep the place hopping.

Dylan’s Dance Hall and Saloon

The logo, says it all: “Dylan’s — Get Bucked.” Just make sure to keep your hat on. You get points on your wager if you don’t lose your Stetson on the mechanical bull. It really is all about the bull here — and the beer: bottomless mugs, served by babes in leather tiny bikinis. Meanwhile, free dance lessons — the Texas two-step, the line dance — ensure you won’t be stepping on any toes. The sounds spin until dawn. And so does the bucking. But relax, the bull riding is free, and since this is a betting town, the wagers extend to the saloon’s pool, air hockey, darts, even beer pong tourneys.


The Other Side of Vegas

When you come to Las Vegas, it’s easy to be seduced by the draw of the Strip. However, if you take a deeper look, there are many fringe activities in Vegas that really make the city a wonderful place to live. Many visitors to the Entertainment Capital of the World miss the historic downtown area, but it offers some of the most exciting options for couples, singles, business travelers and families.

While there are countless attractions in Vegas worth mentioning, like Lake Mead, the Red Rock Canyon and nearby Hoover Dam, there’s plenty to see that’s often overlooked. On your next trip to this spectacular city, take a little time to explore the historic elements of Las Vegas, as well as some of the new, hip parts of the city that have been embraced by the city’s burgeoning tech crowd.


Las Vegas Spots for a Perfect Marriage Proposal

Fabulous Las Vegas Spots for a Perfect Marriage Proposal

When you are looking for a place to tie the knot, one place will always outstands in your mind and that’s no other than the Sin City, Las Vegas. Yes, Vegas has been known to be the best place to get married but it doesn’t stop there. If it’s good for getting hitched then of course, it’s the top-of-the-notch city as well to propose. Thus, if you’re thinking of where to pop the question then we have these absolute gorgeous spots in the Sin City to do it.

1. Propose along the Strip

A public proposal is one of the sweetest ways to do it because of the people that can witness that special event in your life, right? And of course, there’s no better way to do but along the Strip of Las Vegas. All the beautiful lights, awesome hotel structures and the fabulous performers and audiences on the street, your moment of popping the question will not be romantic but legendary, surely one for the books.

2. Romantic Hotel Marriage Proposal

If you’re the intimate and private kind of couple and you just want to savor the moment all by yourselves then you can do it so in a higher level at the location of your choice. You can choose from so many luxurious and exquisite hotels in Las Vegas and you can prefer something unique, themed, budget-friendly, etc. The room you’ll choose will be decorated with flowers, candle lights, rose petals and pictures of you and your love one. You can a bottle of champagne too for that celebratory toast after she said yes.

3. Amazing Proposal at the Gondola

Gondola ride is always sweet and romantic and it becomes better when it’s made private with chocolates, bouquet of flowers and a live serenade by a personal gondolier. Asking your partner while riding in this fantastic gondola ride will surely make her answer you with her special yes.

4. Las Vegas Strip Flash Mob Proposal

For sure you’re now familiar with flash mobs and how they tend to be so unique, amazing and romantic all at the same time. Imagine all those people that will instantly emerge from anywhere and will surprise your partner then you’ll ask that magical question. Well, you can have that too! You can select a location along the strip and a spontaneous flash mob can happen especially made for you and your partner. Surely, this will be the perfect moment for you to propose.

Popping the question in Las Vegas is already special but you can make it more appealing and even more romantic by following these steps and by proposing in these certain spots in the city. The places alone will make her say yes.

Great Las Vegas Honeymoons

Great Las Vegas Honeymoons

Weddings are big hits in the Sin City, this is the place where everyone seems to love the idea of getting hitched. That is also the reason why there are tons of awesome weddings venues in the city, beautiful chapels and so many weddings reception places. Nevertheless the romance doesn’t stop there because if you just tied the knot in Vegas then why not max your stay and do your honeymoon in the city. You have tons of choices how to celebrate the wedding you just had and brace yourself because Las Vegas honeymoon ideas are just absolutely for the books.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas in Vegas

1. Sweet honeymoon staycation

You can never say no to a homey staycation at one of the most elegant hotels in the Sin City. You can stay at rooms of your own theme preference and of course, enjoy all the amenities. You can also fill your hunger with enormous set of scrumptious meals from various restaurants in the Strip. To make it more romantic, hotels offer relaxing couple spas and massages that will surely make you and your love one relaxed and feel refreshed while you’re on your vacation.

2. Adrenaline-rush honeymoon tour

Are you a couple who wants adrenaline-rush for your first dates as a newly-wed couple? Well, you can have them all in the Sin City. You can choose from different day tours consists of so many activities that are all extreme yet enjoyable. You can savor that wanderer in you by taking zip lines, driving 4×4 and ATVs, shout your heart in the roller coaster ride and so much more. If you want to take it to a higher level then why not ride a helicopter while enjoying the view of Grand Canyon and some more lakes. These tours are exclusive in Vegas and that’s the top reason why you should experience in on your honeymoon.

3. Watch various awesome shows

Are you both fans of musicals, acrobatic shows, dramas, comedy skits, etc.? Well, why not go on a full swing at the Strip and watch as many shows as you can. Only here in Vegas that you’ll have tons of opportunities to watch numerous attractions in just one place. You can also witness so many performers on the street for free and there are those that come with tickets but the performances are totally and surely spectacular. Vegas is the place on earth where the performers are all exquisite and they came from different parts of the world.

If you want to have a honeymoon of a lifetime then there’s no better place than Las Vegas. You have here all the honeymoon preferences you can think of and surely whatever you choose, you’ll have the time of your life. Happy honeymoon!

St Rochs Parish

St Rochs Parish

The settling of the Irish played a major role in the opening of St Roch’s Church and Primary School (1907) by Canon Daniel Collins (Co Cork). His successor, Canon Edward Lawton (Co Cork), was influential in the opening of St Roch’s Secondary School in 1932. 1 other PP (Fr Malachy Bergin, Co Tipperary) and 29 of the 61 Assistants in St Roch’s came from Ireland, representing 13 different counties.

11 Men from The Garngad have become Priests in the Archdiocese of Glasgow (5), Archdiocese ofDublin (1), Diocese of Galloway (1), Congregation of the Passionists (1), Order of Saint Benedict (1),Salesians of Don Bosco (1) and Servants of the Paraclete Fathers (1).  Others have become Religious Brothers and Monks.

Hundreds of Women from The Garngad have become Religious Sisters and Nuns. Whilst the overwhelming majority joined the Little Sisters of the Poor (who were in The Garngad for 124 years between 1861 and 1992) others have joined the Sisters of Notre Dame, The Holy Ghost Sisters, The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary and the Salesian Sisters.

St Roch’s Parish, which covers The Garngad and Germiston, is also home to 3 Catholic Schools: St Gilbert’s Primary (Germiston) and St Roch’s Primary and Secondary Schools (Garngad).

Today the Parish Community is as multi-cultural as ever with people from countries through out Europe, Africa and The Middle and Far East worshipping in St Roch’s. St Roch’s, under the current Parish Priest(Father Joseph Boyle, Co Donegal) celebrates 100 years since its foundation and opening of the church in 2007—among the many ways to mark this event a Souvenir History (‘St Roch’s, Garngad, 100 years in the ‘The Garden of God’) has been produced.

Garngad Irish

The story of the Garngad Irish

There were four main factors which were instrumental in the Irish arriving in The Garngad:

  1. Digging of Monkland Canal Basin at the foot of Garngad Hill in 1790;
  2. St Roch’s Chemical Works in 1799
  3. The building of the Saint Roch’s to Stepps Railway in 1831
  4. ‘An Gorta Mor’ (the Great Famine) of 1845/51

The Garngad became known as ‘Little Ireland’ because of the concentration of Irish People, mainly from the 9 counties of Ulster, who settled in The Garngad. At the turn of the century 90% of houses were headed by an Irishman and 75% were given the term ’Irish Household’ in Turner, Villiers, Bright and Cobden Streets which ran parallel south to north, from Garngad Road to Charles Street.

Amongst the most famous Irish characters to setttle in or come from The Garngad are:

Michael ‘Mick Garngad’ McLaughlin (Buncrana, Co Donegal) was a writer and performer and Poet Lauriat of The Garngad from 1900-1960. Mick wrote ‘The Ballad of James Connolly’ and ‘The Smashing of the Van’.

James Thomson (Belfast, Co Antrim) and his family were driven out of their home and given refuge by the Sisters of Charity before coming to The Garngad where he became a stalwart of St Roch’s Parish and Boys Guild Football teams.

Peader McAleer (Co Tyrone) was a founder member of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann (Traditional Irish Music) at the Glasgow Diocesan Centre, Charing Cross, in 1957 and the Northern Aid Committee in 1969.

Pat McNulty (Co Monaghan) is a famed Vilean Piper who helped found the first Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann outside of Ireland in 1957 and became All Ireland Champion at Tyrone in 1958.

Frank Devlin was the third member of St Roch’s Parish to be a founder member of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann at the Glasgow Diocesan Centre in 1958.

Tomas MacGabhann (Blackhill, Castlebalney, Co Monaghan) became a founding member of Co Monaghan Credit Union (An Cumann Gaelach Muineachan), first President of the Credit Union League of Ireland and a promoter of the Irish Language and publications  through Comhdhail Naisiunta na hEireann (Irish National Congress of the Gaelic Language). His death was mourned in the Dail Eireann by Sinn Fein Leader Caoimhghin O’Caolain.
‘Go ndeana Dia trocaire ar a n-anamacha dilse.’