Las Vegas: Solo travel tips

Tips for solo travelers

About 40 million people visit Las Vegas each year (and 1 in 6 visitors are from outside the USA) and there are many solo travelers, including conference delegates as well as individuals looking for a good time.

It’s a destination which welcomes the solo traveler.

Here’s some tips for those who are traveling solo:

– You can do whatever you feel like doing, without feeling obligated to anyone else who is traveling with you. So, do something different and experience something new!

– Remember, many people come to Vegas for fun, and they’re in a good mood. Hence, it’s an easy place to strike up conversations with people, for example at a bar.

– Many restaurants cater for solo diners, and several allow you to dine at the bar.

– When it comes to gambling, you should only take as much money as you can afford to lose….

– While Las Vegas is a relatively safe place for visitors, it does pay to exercise normal prudence regarding interactions with other people.

– Consider doing some preliminary research about places to see and things to do. However, seasoned travelers will recommend allowing for spontaneity, so you can take advantage of new opportunities.  Check out the Las Vegas Travel Forum.

– Las Vegas offers a wide range of accommodation, dining and experience opportunities- from budget conscious to extravagant!  Note that accommodation generally is less expensive  on Sunday – Thursday nights.

– See a show. When you’re purchasing one ticket, you could find an excellent seat which would otherwise be unavailable!

– Try a walking tour. Walking tours have been typical solo & group activities for years in more ‘cultural’ cities but Las Vegas has come a long way to offer several fun tours. Take a guided downtown tour early in your vacation to get real ‘insider knowledge’ of the area and discover there’s much more to Las Vegas than meets the eye, & meet other adventurous travelers in the process.